Two are better than one – Two Meeting Lounge Sponsors for the ECD 2020

The ECD Meeting Lounge will be the focus of the most important networking event in platform business in 2020 again. This year, platforms and brands will have even more time for their one-to-one meetings because the Meeting Lounge opens one day earlier! 

Sandra Herdering, CEO SHE.Business & Sven Henckel, CEO Laudert

True to the motto “Two are better than one”, we have not only doubled the time for meetings this year, but also the number of Meeting Lounge sponsors. Both the process and system experts from S.HE Business and the content specialists from Laudert will be part of the ECD community in 2020 and support us as sponsors in the Meeting Lounge. We spoke with Sandra Herdering, CEO at S.HE Business, and Sven Henckel, CEO at Laudert.

ECD: Dear Sandra, you have teamed up with content expert Laudert for the Meeting Lounge sponsorship. Can you describe Laudert in 2-3 sentences?

Sandra: Laudert is the ideal partner for us to further deepen our marketplace expertise together. We’ve been working together for several years now and can look back on successful joint projects – such as the FALKE case.

Laudert combines incredible expertise along the entire process chain with outstanding implementation competence. It is always up to the customer to decide whether he wants to take advantage of the entire range of services or only use individual components in a modular fashion.

I would also like to emphasize the human component of working with Laudert, which I perceive as very trusting, honest and empathetic. Laudert is a down-to-earth company that always convinces with quality.

Sven, now it’s your turn. What can you tell us about S.HE business?

Sven: We appreciate Sandra as a visionary power woman who works in an extremely structured way and scores points with her process and system expertise, especially in the fashion industry. PLM, PIM and content projects for our joint fashion clients are always successful, even with small time frames – this is where all her strengths come into play. And with her as a passionate networker, we will certainly be able to implement exciting projects in the future.

Laudert is a sponsor of the ECD for the first time. What do you expect from the ECD 2020? 

Sven: Many, many exciting conversations and new contacts that will enrich our network – as an initiator, technology partner or future customer. The approaches are manifold due to our broad portfolio. After Sandra’s stories and a first visit last year, expectations are high and the anticipation is great. The event concept fits in with our idea of open, partnership-based exchange and is certainly a highlight in our event calendar.

S.HE Business is ECD sponsor for the second time already. What exactly do you like so much about the ECD?

Sandra: The ECD stands out from the hundreds of fairs and events because of its stirring atmosphere. The visitors do not only bring along outstanding competence but also communicate with each other on a very personal, human level. Even before you arrive you are looking forward to seeing many people again. An optimal exchange among like-minded people and always a great experience.

As Meeting Lounge Sponsors you will give a joint presentation. Could you perhaps tell us more about it?

Sandra:With pleasure – even if we are still working on the details. The creation, management and delivery of product content for all channels is a great challenge, especially for medium-sized companies. In our presentation, we will show what a best-case scenario for product data and assets could look like and what significance they have for a company.

Sven: And in order to make the presentation as practical as possible, we give concrete examples for all relevant points, which clarify our statements and show that many things can be realized very efficiently.

You both come from the same corner, that’s a funny coincidence. Your area has become a small e-commerce hub. How involved were you? What are the advantages and disadvantages of your location? 

Sven: Actually many local media service providers in our region have roots that go back to the “Home of Media”.

Sandra: The region is partly also called Silicon Valley in the Münsterland. A lot of expertise in one place has many advantages, but of course it also carries the risk of increased competition. But the great thing is that in such an almost idyllic atmosphere, career and family can be wonderfully combined. Many former employees even come back to the region for this reason.

Sven: Yes, exactly. Of course, it is not always easy to find good employees, especially in a rural region – which is why, for example, we place great emphasis on strong training. Thanks to the spatial concentration, new strategic alliances and a healthy competition for the best brains emerge, which leads to even more intensive employee retention. And even the broadband connection is at the highest technical level.

Sandra, what does the partnership with Tradebyte mean to you? How has it developed in the last few years?

Sandra: We have already been working closely with Tradebyte for five years. The potential for customers to increase sales through Tradebyte is huge – both in a national and international context. Tradebyte understands how to permanently develop itself technologically and as a company and thus not only to react to technical innovations, but to act at the forefront.

Over time, we have built up a close relationship of trust with each other; the appreciation is very high. As a smart, dynamic company that stands on solid ground, Tradebyte with its great and committed employees simply fits in with us.

Sven, why does Laudert want to become part of the Tradebyte ecosystem? What do you hope to achieve through the partnership?

Sven: We create and optimize product content, implement PIM and MAM systems to manage it, are leaders in print publishing and successfully implement e-commerce projects. Tradebyte completes this offer in many ways. There is a number of Laudert customers who can expand their online success with a marketplace solution and Tradebyte users who have a need for efficient creation and management of product content. That’s why we’re really excited about the partnership and looking forward to implementing the marketplace connections for our customers together with Sandra!

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