Thanks to our participants survey we know what you appreciate about the ECD and why you continue to take part. But how do the organisation team and the Tradebyte employees see the event? We asked six of our colleagues: »What does the ECD mean for you?«


Katharina Caracciolo, Strategic Partner Manager
Katharina Caracciolo (middle) likes meeting the e-com family at the ECD
Katharina Caracciolo, Strategic Partner Manager:

»As a Partner Manager it’s my task to bring partners on board as sponsors, and I’m very happy that the ECD is so popular with our partners. That’s because of the high-quality presentations, the great location and the yummy food. But mainly because you can meet the entire e-com family at the ECD and exchange views with them. For Tradebyte, the ECD is the ideal opportunity to shine and I’m especially proud that I can contribute to that.«




Andrej Richter, Sales und Key Channel Manager:
Andrej Richter, Sales und Key Channel Manager
Andrej Richter appreciates the personal conversations with customers and marketplaces at the ECD

»The ECD gives me a wonderful opportunity to get to the heart of my core activities and tasks in one and a half days. I can connect the marketplaces I support with our brands and retailers, and therefore initiate new business relationships. I get great feedback from the sponsors I’ve initiated because of the ECD. They’re all very happy with the event and can take away a lot for the future. So, the ECD is a WIN-WIN-WIN situation for our marketplaces, partners, and also for Tradebyte.«




Kevin Hasselt, Technical Product Manager
Kevin Hasselt (far left) at a presentation in the Channels SLOT
Kevin Hasselt, Technical Product Manager:

»The ECD means networking for me! On no other day of the year is it so easy to find exactly the right people to talk to. And also just to see the faces behind the names for once. Otherwise, we only know each other from emails or telephone calls. I took on the role of slot owner in the Channels SLOT for the second year in a row. The direct link to the speakers and the wide field of activity are especially fun for me here.«


Anne Witt, Teamlead Marketing
For Anne Witt the special encounters with customers are a highlight at the ECD.
Anne Witt, Teamlead Marketing:

»When I went to the ECD for the first time in 2018 I was struck in a very positive way. Not only do the “real stars” come together on one day, but also because we in marketing don’t often have direct contact with the customers. We have so many wonderful customers who really do their job with passion and you can see this – this industry makes it easy to have contact with people and to get inspired. So, it’s the many encounters and the success stories you hear first-hand that make the ECD so great. And: at the end you know that all the work as an organiser is definitely worth it!«



Mark Lich, Enterprise Integration Manager
Mark Lich is responsible for the ECD Support Room.
Mark Lich, Enterprise Integration Manager:

»The ECD gives me, as an Integration Manager, the opportunity to meet and get to know our customers personally. In the Support Room we can solve technical challenges together and look at best practices. All of this provides a strong basis for a collaboration based on trust in other projects.«




Carsten Feiler, Teamlead Sales & Enabling
Carsten Feiler has been with us since the first ECD and looks forward to it every year.
Carsten Feiler, Teamlead Sales & Enabling: 

»For me, the ECD is like an annual family meeting of the e-commerce industry. I’ve taken part since the first ECD and have accompanied the event from the beginning. I’m proud of the form and standing the event has now reached. There’s no comparable event with such a fantastic atmosphere in Germany. Within a day, I can meet the contact partners of the most relevant marketplaces, gain insights into the industry in personal talks and expand my expertise through presentations and panel discussions.«



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