We offer Ticket Type A for service providers and sponsors and Ticket Type B for brands and retailers. Please note: It is important that you choose the right ticket. If you feel uncertain which kind of category fits for you, please contact ecd@tradebyte.com.

There is no actual ticket for the ECD. If you have registered for the ECD and got the information via mail, we will provide you with a badge onsite

We have reserved hotel rooms for participants in the H4 and the H2 hotel. More information about the booking is included in the registration process. 

If you are one of our marketplaces or one of our networking partners you are able to book a sponsorship for the ECD.

The Expert Stage is the main stage of the ECD located in the Wappenhalle. It’s the place for roundtables & discussions.

The Masterclasses are designed for use cases and best practices of partners as well as for workshops and trainings on specific topics by Tradebyte. The number of participants is limited.

The Platform Stage is the format we prepared for the presentation of marketplaces and platforms.

Also this year there will be a Warm Up on October 12th before the ECD.

Yes, also this year the ECD will be followed by the legendary After Party!

For the first time the ECD Meeting Lounge will open already on the day BEFORE the ECD – as a Pre-ECD-Meeting Lounge. From 3 pm to 8 pm you will be able to set up meetings via ECD Gate.



The latest version of the ECD Gate gives you a transparent and structured overview of your meetings and matches. The Gate allows you to connect with brands/retailers/partners who request meetings.

The ECD Gate is the tool we use for ticketing and billing as well as for the arrangement of meetings (between sponsors and Ticket Type B).

This means, everyone within your company will have to register.


Only brands/retailers (Ticket Type B) and sponsors can book official meetings via ECD Gate.

Unlike the previous year, you will not have to wait for your meetings to be matched shortly before the ECD. This time you will get an overview on possible meeting slots to book a meeting with a certain person and as soon as the person accepts the meeting you will be provided with time and place.

We will open the ECD Gate for meetings round about six weeks before the ECD (1st April).

At this time we assume that almost everybody has registered within the Gate. Almost everybody should be registered by April 1st meaning there is no risk that you could miss out on any interesting meetings with brands/ retailers/ … who are not registered yet. 

Furthermore, at this point, the agenda is set and you will be able to choose which lectures or classes you wish to visit without having to postpone any meetings or even cancel them.

It is not possible to book official meetings via the ECD gate if you have a non-sponsor Type A ticket. But of course you can get in touch with others via direct message in the ECD Gate to arrange a meeting anyways.

You can accept and decline meetings, as well as withdraw your requests. Whenever you’re requested, you’ll get an email regarding the details. You have to accept the meeting within 5 days, otherwise the request will be deleted automatically and the meeting slot you reserved will be available again.

When your meeting is declined by the other person, you will be informed via mail and get the possibility to contact the person via the messaging tool.


You will be able to book lectures approximately one month before the event, as soon as the final agenda is ready.

Yes, your calendar is blocked for meetings once you have booked a lecture. To make sure, you can have as many meetings as possible, you should wait with the booking of the lecture until the very end. We recommend to keep many slots available for business meetings until shortly before the event. The lectures you might want to book earlier are Masterclasses, as the number of participants is limited.


Yes. You can have a look at your own agenda in the ECD Gate and it will show the lectures / classes you booked as well as the meetings you arranged. You can also download the agenda as PDF.

You can simply reset your password within the login mask.

You can find the administrator on your company profile within the ECD Gate. In general, the first person who registers within the ECD Gate becomes administrator per default. The administrator can transfer this role to a colleague who is registered as well. If you have any problems with transferring the administrator, please contact ecd@tradebyte.com

He administers the company profile and is able to edit it. He can also see the meetings of the participants of the company and can download a schedule.

 For further questions please contact us via our contact form (top menu).