Thanks to our participants survey we know what you appreciate about the ECD and why you continue to take part. But how do the organisation team and the Tradebyte employees see the event?

Your verdict on the ECD 2019 – We´ll come back in any case!

What was your overall impression of the ECD 2019? Did you feel well served on site? And what do you think about the communication flow in advance of the event?

ISPO Digitize and ECD – a strong partnership

The sports business is also fundamentally influenced by the digital transformation. The first digital conference of the sports industry – the ISPO Digitize Summit – revolves around this transformation. On June 3rd and 4th 2019, the ISPO Digitize Summit will be in the second round and Tradebyte will of course be there. From AboutYou to…

High Five, ECD – Record-Breaking Sponsorships, High-Level Networking and Digital (R)Evolution

530 participants, 30 presentations and 400 one-to-one meetings. Inspiring conversations and intensive exchanges. Radiant faces and exquisite catering. Sparklers and a spectacular disco set-up. On its fifth birthday, the ECD exceeded expectations once again.

ECD19: The Session SLOT

Top-class moderators, experienced e-commerce experts and exciting, hot topics – that’s the Session Slot of the ECD. This year, too, discussions on the most burning topics of digital commerce will be held on the stage in the Wappenhalle.

»Engage. Connect. Digitize.« –
a new Design for the ECD

Spring is a season of renewal – and not only in nature: In time for the ECD’s 5th anniversary, Tradebyte has treated it to a new look. But that is not all.

ECD19: Exclusive advice from experts in the Support Room

During the ECD, we offer you exclusive technical support in the Support Room at the H4 Hotel, providing detailed and live advice and assistance. What can you discuss with us in the Support Room?

ECD 2019: The Deep Dive SLOT

The Deep Dive SLOT will 2019 feature a premiere: besides Tradebyte insiders, for the first time partners will join you for in-depth discussions.

ECD 2019: The Best Practice SLOT

In the Best Practice SLOT, partners from the Tradebyte ecosystem present practice-oriented solutions for your day-to-day e-commerce business.

ECD 2019: The Channels SLOTs

The ECD not only stands for high quality networking in exclusive one to one meetings, but also for exciting expert talks. In 2019 the who is who and the big players of the platform business are meeting again in Munich.