Road to ECD (Part 5): Matchmaking for the Meeting Lounge

It is finally time: the highly anticipated matchmaking process in ECD Gate begins today! For all sponsors, partners and registered visitors (ticket type B) that means: log into ECD Gate now and set up your meetings.

Road to ECD (Part 4): The Best Practice SLOT

What are perfect solutions linking the Tradebyte Ecosystem and providers of technologies and services? By means of practice-oriented use cases we will show you how SAP, Salesforce or Shopware cater to the e-commerce business.

Road to ECD (Part 2): The ECD Gate

On the 23rd of May it will finally be time: The third ECD will open its gates at Munich’s Wappenhalle. Ticket sales have already begun – visitors can secure the highly requested Early Bird Tickets via the ECD Gate.

Road to ECD (Part 1): Top 5 Highlights

ECD will take place in less than 60 days, therefore we’re now starting the “Road to ECD”. Once a week special news will be published, on the road to what will probably be the year’s best event.

Road to ECD (Part 3): The E-Channels SLOT

It is no secret that the ECD’s program is filled with highlights. The E-Channels SLOT at H4 Hotel will surely be one of them, providing insights into the concepts and business models of the industry’s largest marketplaces. Where else could it be this easy to take a non-committal look behind the scenes?